Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Found Cats (2003) -Full Gospel Rockabilly

Artist: The Found Cats
Album: Full Gospel Rockabilly
Released: 2003
Quality: mp3 CBR 256
Size: 95 MB

”Luke 15:24 - for this my son was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is FOUND. Does this sound as if The Found Cats have a message to tell? Yes it does. As so many before them they spread the word of the Lord by way of their music. The only difference is that The Found Cats play rockabilly. And pretty good too. What else can you expect, produced by Ralph Rebel, recorded at the Rebel Studio, released by Golly Gee. Neither have ever let us down before. So whether you are a church-going man or not, The Found Cats' music is worth your while.

This full length release consists of 15 gospel rockabilly tracks, all self-penned originals with lotsa rhythm and a message. Pete, Jeff, Tom and Rich take turns on the vocals, and they just might surprise you. Especially Pete's dark voice reminds of early Elvis recordings. Add to that Tom's fast bass plucking, Jeff's guitar picking, and what we find is rockabilly reborn. Rich is playing additional piano on a couple of tracks, most songs are straight forward authentic style rockabilly, with an occasional country ballad. The package comes with a four-folded cover, all lyrics included.”
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1. Better Than Yesterday 3:29
2. Run On 2:08
3. Heavenly Teardrops 3:06
4. Wham Bam Born Again! 2:52
5. Rockin' Way To Be 3:17
6. Living In Your Grace 5:20
7. Just A Little Prayer 4:06
8. You're Not Gonna Cry 3:02
9. Gotta Believe 2:40
10. The Power of Prayer 2:32
11. John The Baptist 3:10
12. Found Cat 3:41
13. Rock Me, Jesus 3:26
14. I Beat The Devil 3:09
15. Carbon Canyon Road 4:43


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