Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ben Prestage (2007) -Real Music

Artist: Ben Prestage
Albums: Real Music
Released: 2007
Quality: mp3 CBR 192
Size: 73 MB

”…On this, his fourth album to date, Prestage delivers a range of blues standards, from the rural blues of Blind Boy Fuller (Rag), Bukka White (Good Gin) and Robert Petway (Catfish Blues), coupled with a taste of the urban blues of Willie Dixon and Howlin' Wolf (Backdoor Man). Although steeped in all manner of blues traditions, this essentially blues based album does have its lighter moments in the traditional Darktown Strutter's Ball and Washboard Sam's Wrong Woman, both with an infectious foot-tapping goodtime groove, together with a short but sweet take on Buck Washington's Save the Roach for Me. Prestage also includes a couple of self-penned songs on REAL MUSIC, the title song and The Ambitious, both of which sit well alongside the standards.” © Northern Sky

1. I Wish I Was a Catfish/ Backdoor Man 3:40
2. Crocodile Man 3:50
3. Rag 2:32
4. Vicksburg Blues 3:41
5. Wrong Woman 2:18
6. Hesitation Blues 4:39
7. Sloppy Drunk 3:07
8. Good Gin 2:56
9. Real Music 4:03
10. Save the Roach for Me (Out Back Smokin') 1:53
11. Lazy, Lazy Bones 2:43
12. God Is Gonna Cut You Down 3:10
13. The Ambitious 4:10
14. Darktown Strutter's Ball 2:36
15. Someday Baby 4:02
16. Buck Rag 1:31


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