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Chuck & The Crack-Pipes (2007) -One Lung Down

Artist: Chuck & The Crack-Pipes
Albums: One Lung Down
Released: 2007
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 74 MB

”…Originally I had wanted to call the album 'Drugs & Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll' but events overtook us. I got a fraught call from Chuck's wife Sonja. Chuck had collapsed and been rushed to Hospital. He eventually got diagnosed with a collapsed lung, which had apparently been leaking for some time and Chuck was in a very bad way. It was an anxious time for Chuck's family and friends as Chuck had to undergo an emergency operation. Without going into too many gory details, he was in hospital for a number of weeks and him being in Germany and me in England meant that a visit to see him wasn't possible at that time. So a few of us old mates would call him at the hospital every few days to see how he was doing. It was on one such call that I thought I'd make him laugh by suggesting a change to the title of the proposed album. When I was a teenager there had be a popular rockin' album by Gina and the Strollers called 'Five Cats Down'. I suggested that an appropriate title in this case would be 'One Lung Down'. Chuck, being Chuck laughed and thought it was a great idea. The following day Simon Nott, a mate of both mine & Chuck's called him up and was amazed to be treated to Chuck actually singing a brand new song down the phone! It would appear that the new album title had inspired Chuck to write the title track from his hospital bed! …” READ THE FULL STORY

1. Six Pack To Go
2. Takin' Them Drugs
3. One Lung Down
4. Non-Addictive Marijuana
5. Cocaine (All Around My Brain)
6. Too Many Pills
7. Payback
8. Drug Heaven
9. Take A Trip (guitar version)
10. Hellrazing Days
11. Honky Tonk Has-Been
12. Takin' Them Drugs (alt version)
13. Take A Trip (lap steel version)

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