Monday, March 12, 2012

The Guaranteed Ugly (1997) -It's An Ugly! Ugly! World!

Artist: The Guaranteed Ugly
Album: It's An Ugly! Ugly! World!
Released: 1997
Quality: mp3 CBR 192
Size: 45 MB

“The information of The Guaranteed Ugly is still covered. Only we know is they are garage rock band and their attractive name Mr Ugly (bass & backing vocals) Angela Ugly (Organ) Professor Ugly (Drums, backing vocals) Agent Ugly (guitar, vocals)
I don't know why the real world is ugly ugly, but am not sure why this album was named like this by The Guaranteed Ugly. We may know why if we listen to their music. Let's go out from this ugly world to The Guaranteed Ugly world.”

1. Ugly Ones!*
2. One Kiss!
3. Ain't That You!
4. Circumstances!
5. Little Bird!
6. It's Too Late!
7. Someone Special!
8. I'm Gonna Leave!
9. Stop!
10. Bad Medicine!
11. Chicken Livered Louie!
12. Misery-Go-Round!
13. Ghost of Love!
14. Patchwork Man!

All songs rotten & decomposed by The Guaranteed Ugly except *


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  2. This sounds great. Would like to hear more . Links are dead, any chance for a reupload ? Thank u very much.

    1. get it!