Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble (1982) -Alive and Well

Artist: The Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble
Album: Alive And Well
Released: 1982
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 209 MB

"What distinguishes the Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble from the hundreds of groups around the globe playing what is variously labeled Trad, New Orleans or Dixieland jazz is its absolute authenticity. And it has come as a revelation to all who thought they knew what the genuine article was. One thing it is not, for instance, is the all-pervasive, brash and brassy music which emanates from the bars and strip clubs of Bourbon Street. Despite a burgeoning international reputation, with appearances as far a field as Moscow and Hong Kong, and radio, TV and record performances, New Orleans is still the wellspring of the band's inspiration - both musically and environmentally. "We regard ourselves both as resuscitators of this musical tradition and a living part of it," explained Starr. The interaction between the musicians and the people they play for - many of whom actually danced to the bands whose repertoires the LRJE is reviving - is as important in creating the group's genuineness as the long hours spent delving into the archives for buried tunes." ~ Quavers

1. NEW ORLEANS WIGGLE (A. Piron and P. Bocage) - 2:46
2. SWEET LOVIN' MAN (L. Hardin and W. Melrose) - 3:10
3. GEORGIA SWING (F. Morton) - 3:05
4. YAMA YAMA MAN (F. Morton) - 2:25
5. SNAKE RAG (J. Oliver and A. Picou) - 3:53
6. JUNGLE BLUES (F. Morton) - 3:31
7. WEST INDIES BLUES (E. Dowell, C. and S. Williams) - 3:11
8. NEW ORLEANS JOYS (F. Morton) - 3:06
9. BUDDY'S HABIT (A. Nelson) - 3:27
10. CAMP MEETING BLUES (J. Oliver) - 2:59
11. TIGER RAG (Anon. [J. Morton?]) - 3:05
12. IN THE UPPER GARDEN (Anon.) - 2:05
13. BOGALUSA STRUT (S. Morgan) - 2:35
14. SIDEWALK BLUES (F. Morton) - 2:38


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