Sunday, March 31, 2013

Big Tubba Mista (2002) -Behind the Scenes

Artist:  Big Tubba Mista
Albums:  Behind the Scenes
Release date: 2002
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 117 MB  

“Without really looking, I've found the heirs-apparent to Royal Crown Revue. And while I'm not ready for that legendary band to step away from their microphones, it's encouraging to know that a septet from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is waiting in the wings. Big Tubba Mista has edge, energy, wit and chops to spare. They delve into Latin rhythms and Western style. And when it comes to "get up and dance", they've got it down to a science. Behind the Scenes, their third album, starts with "Los Caballeros Social Club", a Latin number less sultry than grotty with its slow, staccato rhythm. Next up is a slow swing-blues of rejection and remorse, the sonic 'Dear John letter' of "Walk Right Out". But where the album really takes off is the blistering, brassy "Two-Faced", featuring the horns of saxmen Shawn Snavely and Mikey Malone and trumpeter Matt Bowman. "If You Only Knew" saddles up for a ride into the country style, and is followed by perennial band favorite "Set 'em Up". Next up is "Come Dance With Me", an energetic tango disguised by Snavely's serpentine clarinet. Guitarist Eric Keptner gets a moment in the sun on the blues-drenched "Perfect Stranger", adding yet another genre to the band's list of accomplishments. "Gorgeous Hog" is the other side of the blues, a pre-war stride of double-entendre that's a personal favorite. The album also includes five live tracks that challenge the energy of Royal Crown's Caught in the Act, leading off with the uptempo swing of "Drive By". The pace stays hot through the jumpin' blues of "Baby, No More", and keeps rolling through an unusually jivin' rendition of the classic "St. James Infirmary". Then there's the still-hoppin' swing of "1, 2, 3", and if you haven't had a coronary yet, try to keep pace with "Killer On 37th Street". It's all top-notch dance fuel, and a fitting close to a very solid album.” ~ ~ by Dante Murphy


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Growlers (2013) -Hung At Heart

Artist:  The Growlers
Albums: Hung At Heart
Release date:  2013
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size:  115 MB

”The phrase “burned out” has such bad connotations. When you consider the surfy, crunchy, entirely burned out party rock in the vein of The Growlers, that might just be something to aspire to. The So-Cal five-piece sound so comfortable being the stoned philosopher on Hung at Heart, hopping from party to party, delivering gems of lyrical wisdom in the midst of the thoroughly kicked out jams.
…Though much of the musical fun inherent in Hung at Heart comes easily, a few well-placed flourishes push out of complacency. The simplicity of loping bass and keyboard flutters on “One Million Lovers” battles with growing echo and outbursts of percussive ephemera. Falsetto backing vocals on “Pet Shop Eyes” complete the ’60s pop vibe, and the organ-heavy “It’s No Use” drifts occasionally into psychedelic red.
In every scenario, Nielsen delivers words of wisdom to the assembled onlookers without seeming to notice they’re looking. Whether they’re taking you to a rager at a beach house with the dance floor packed with revelers looking to hook up, or a crumbling studio apartment where a few scattered dudes settle in corners, The Growlers know how to deliver it precisely and then kick the scruff up a notch.”
~ read full review @ CoS

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Black Angels (2013) -Indigo Meadow

Album: Indigo Meadow
Released:  2013
Quality: mp3 CBR 256
Size:  77 MB

”Now operating as a quartet, ‘Native American drone-roll’ pioneers from Austin, Texas, The Black Angels return with their fourth studio album Indigo Meadow, due for release Tuesday 2 April. The band who took their name from Velvet Underground’s hit ‘The Black Angel’s Death Song’, have been working on the album since January last year, and have triumphantly emerged with 13 psychedelically fuelled tracks…
…Being that the psychedelic era is well and truly over, one would think it would be difficult for a band of the 21st century to capture the spirit of the style, however, The Black Angels continue to quash such doubts; sharing their knowledge and respect for the genre with audiences of our time. Indigo Meadow is an engrossing piece of work from start to finish.”
  ~  read full review by Jazmine O’Sullivan

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Von Drats (2010) -Dratsylvania

Artist:  The Von Drats
Album: Dratsylvania
Released:  2010
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size:  72 MB

”Originally hailing from the mysterious Dratsylvania, the band relocated to Toronto in 2005 where their strange appearances (looking like extras from The Addams Family or a cartoon hot rod gang) and creepy, rowdy and kooky high energy surf punk live shows have made them a favorite with the local late, late, LATE(!) night ghastly Go-Go crowd.
The lightning fast long arm of the drums, Leonard von Drat, bids you welcome and keeps everyone in stitches with his rapid fire wit. An uncontrollable wildman, Dave von Drat sets the mood with the spooky sounding Farfisa organ and spastic movements that would even leave old Uncle Fester in shock. The big brother Trevor von Drat quite easily transitions from being a calm and collected surf guitar gentlemen to a garage rock growling life of the party. The werewolf cursed DanO von Drat stares wild eyed and lays down a solid and smooth bass foundation for his savage kin to play over. The youngest brother, Steve von Drat, is a surf guitar sharp-shooter and a reverb tank riding creature that will leave you in disbelief. Add to the mix on most nights, little sister Holly von Drat twisting and shaking everyone into a frenzy – and you’ve got a live experience that you’ll never forget!
Featuring 13 twangy and twisted tunes that should appeal to fans of 60’s surf rock, horror punk, or classic monster movies, Dratsylvania is the soundtrack to the greatest, grooviest, demons-on-dirtbikes film you’ve never seen.”   ~ ©

Sammy Price (1978) -King of Blues and Boogie-Woogie

Artist:  Sammy Price
Album: King Of Blues And Boogie-Woogie
Recorded: 1978
Released:  2011
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size:  77 MB

”Sammy Price had a long and productive career as a flexible blues and boogie-woogie-based pianist. He studied piano in Dallas and was a singer and dancer with Alphonso Trent's band during 1927-1930. In 1929, he recorded one solitary side under the title of "Sammy Price and His Four Quarters." After a few years in Kansas City, he spent time in Chicago and Detroit. In 1938, Price became the house pianist for Decca in New York and appeared on many blues sides with such singers as Trixie Smith and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. He led his own band on records in the early '40s which included (on one memorable session) Lester Young. Price worked steadily on 52nd Street, in 1948 played at the Nice Festival with Mezz Mezzrow, spent time back in Texas, and then a decade with Red Allen; he was also heard on many rock & roll-type sessions in the 1950s. In later years he recorded with Doc Cheatham. Sammy Price was active until near his death, 63 years after his recording debut.”
~ ~ Scott Yanow,