Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cowboy Junkies (2012) -The Nomad Series Vol.4: The Wilderness

Artist: Cowboy Junkies
Album: The Nomad Series Vol. 4: The Wilderness
Release Date: March 2012
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 97 MB

”The title, The Wilderness, in some odd way seemed to define what these songs were actually "about": fragility, emptiness, loneliness, beauty, chance, loss, desperation, the delicate balancing act that makes up a life. They are about being lost in the wilderness of age, the wilderness of parenthood, in the wilderness of just trying to find meaning and substance, happiness and truth in one's day to day life. They are about standing alone in middle of it all, breathing in the cold still air and wondering.” ~ Michael Timmons, Cowboy Junkies

01. Unanswered Letter
02. Idle Tales
03. We Are The Selfish Ones
04. Angels In The Wilderness
05. Damaged From The Start
06. Fairytale
07. Staring Man
08. The Confession Of Georgie E
09. I Let Him In
10. Fuck, I Hate The Cold


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