Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leningrad Cowboys (2011) -Buena Vodka Social Club

Artist: Leningrad Cowboys
Album: Buena Vodka Social Club
Released: 2011
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 106 MB

”It's still a positively spaced-out surreal trip, as Buena Vodka Social Club is an album that wanders from sound to sound with little rhyme or reason and minimal cohesion. This really doesn't do much to harm the album, however. By the time you're into the third song or so, you're back with the people who were saying "what the hell?" after the band's MTV appearance, and maybe you still can't describe quite why you like this album - you just know you do.
I still don't know what I got into with this record. Gypsy punk merging with '50s rock, and liberal references to '80s hair and stuff so much weirder. It's random and spastic, but also really, really good. It's good to see the band behind continues to make people scratch their heads in confusion, but haven't done it at the expense of their music. They're musically solid and a powerhouse band - even if they make zero sense about it sometimes.”

1 Machine Gun Blues 2:25
2 All We Need Is Love 3:34
3 Drill-A-Hole 4:04
4 Gimme Your Sushi 3:04
5 Rock 'N' Roll Show 4:56
6 I Kill The Dog 2:54
7 Gasolina 3:18
8 Buena Vodka Social Club 4:24
9 Frijoles Y Lager 1:32
10 Wash Your Ass 4:40
11 Mule 6:14
12 Corpse Bride 4:14


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