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Various Artists (2011) -Steam Kodok: 26 A Go-Go Ultrarities from the Sixties Singapore and South-East Asia Underground

Artist: various
Album: Steam Kodok: 26 A Go-Go Ultrarities from the Sixties Singapore and South-East Asia Underground
Released: 2011
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 186 MB (with scans)

”For the Grey Past imprint, "a-go-go" seems to encompass everything from beat to 50s soul to surf rock to psychedelia, and for this reason-- whether it's intentional or not-- Steam Kodok thankfully avoids a major pitfall many ethnic samplers plunge headlong into: all too often, the songs are so similar, it makes for a bloated and tedious compilation.

Anyone aroused at the mere mention of 60s beat probably already owns Steam Kodok, but beyond its topical value, this compilation is a remarkable historical document of the effect rock music had on the rest of the world, particularly the East. Up until 1961, the South-East Asian scene was almost entirely instrumental; music was situational: culturally significant, but otherwise insignificant per se. As the Western influence crept in via the increasingly popular Beatles and, says Grey Past, a late 1961 concert by Cliff Richard and The Shadows, South-East Asia eschewed the musical collective and embraced the concept of the "band"-- steady members, writing songs for their own entertainment.

Beyond "significance," though, these songs are utterly enjoyable. South-East Asian musicians were hardly big-budget pop stars, nor did they taut extensive rock pedigrees, and therein lies the charm of Steam Kodok: singers' voices are incongruous but delightfully honest, and the actual compositions-- though necessarily somewhat derivative-- have such a passion that even track 21's note-for-note aping of a Carlos Santana solo is forgiven. The positive energy of each song is just staggering-- Steam Kodok is the sound of a culture thrilled by the prospect of rock-and-roll, overjoyed and unable to stop smiling.”
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01 - Trailers - Ali San
02 - Mike Ibrahim & The Nite Walkers - Chock Chock Kundong
03 - D'4 Ever - Mungkir Janji
04 - Kassim Slamat & The Swallows - Mak Itty, Mai Illa
05 - Rosnah & The Siglap Five - Gembira Ria
06 - Les Kafilas - Ikan Todak
07 - The Dynamics - Used to Be
08 - Ronnie Ong - Buttons and Bows
09 - Fox - [Untitled]
10 - The Swallows - Bunga Berachnin
11 - The Keyboys - [Untitled]
12 - Trailers - I'm Ready Now
13 - Naomi & The Boys - Bad Loser
14 - J. Ismail & 'D' Irama - Lupakan Aku
15 - Kassim Slamat & The Swallows - Nga Lompak a Go Go
16 - The Quests - I'll Be Your Man
17 - October Cherries - Barabajagal
18 - The Keyboys - [Untitled]
19 - The Quests - Hur Pi Tzu Shau Hsiang
20 - Ismail Haron & The Guys - Bersedia
21 - Mike Ibrahim & The Nite Walkers - Senyum Selalu
22 - The Dynamics - I Wish You Would
23 - Kassim Slamat & The Swallows - Lek, Paju Molle
24 - The Antartics - Runaway
25 - Pietro Attilla & The Warlocks - Goodbye
26 - King Drummer - I Am a Drummer

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