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Various Artists (2009) -Raks Raks Raks: 27 garage psych nuggets from the Iranian 60s scene

Artist: various
Album: Raks Raks Raks: 27 garage psych nuggets from the Iranian 60s scene
Released: 2009
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 175 MB

”I’m glad someone finally bent over, and has spend a fortune on Iranian rarities and in his ambition proved the existence of a now neglected even forbidden from memory scene from which I did not even know it ever had a real 60s reference too. The compiler didn’t want to make any statements ; he just loved the music. But still it is sad that because of other taboos pictures of western styled women or bands with a women singer or drummer (like Golden Ring) are even more rare (I wish he had included another band picture of them for that reason). If Iranian costumers finds them anywhere they are immediately ripped to pieces. “Modern Iran” tries to wipe out history and the fact that women were not always dressed as they are today in Iran (-even in Persian museums you never see women on paintings with shawls the way it is instructed today by the first Islamic pope-based society in history). Included in this compilation are the really earliest traces of modern pop music, from rock’n roll over garage to 60s pop music, and one longer track from the more known 70s styles from Iran. What is especially rewarding is its use of rhythms. The complexity of it is incomparable to any of the Western 4/4 based easy going smoothness. The songs however remain relatively relaxed as being typical for Iran (compared to for instance the Lebanese Cedars, which are much more up tempo and attractively nervous compared to this).

Compared to the 19 track LP this 27 track CD has a few extra surprises in garage and rock’n roll style and a few extra 60s covers in a Persian way. Most of the later tracks however (track 22-26) are less essential, mostly from the rock’n roll area, but they still give an idea of how such less creative tracks can still show some minor mixed style/crossover elements. Different and more funky and groovy than all other tracks together (perhaps also because this is from a few years later) and with a more "free" feeling is Gogoosh’s track “respect” (with sax, organ, electric guitars and drums and heavy screaming vocals, definitely influenced by the American scene with Janis Joplin, ..). Strange is also the Morricone western-typed whistling intro on Golden Ring's A-side, and some harmonica besides organ/fast rhythms. A few tracks less would have made this a nearly perfectly compiled, a must-have album, but I won’t complain for an even more complete picture of a unique historical document, of music in its essence is great to listen to as well! Compilation of over 76 minutes.

The compiler just told me he kept the killers for a second volume later this year. Compared to what is already compiled here I can't imagine what more surprising things to expect. .”

1 Littles– Fatemah Sultan
2 Moha Jamin – Sheesh Va Hesht Moha Jamin
3 Flowers, The – Meekshi Manoo
4 Littles – 4x8 Jadeed
5 Group Takhala La – Dokhtar E Darya
6 Zir – Man Kiam?
7 Ojoobe Ha – Sartegar Nakesh Chen
8 Penahi – Dance Music
9 Moha Jamin – Ashk-e Roya E Bashkahe
10 Golden Ring – Bar Ay Dokhtar Ha
11 Moha Jamin – Raks Raks Raks
12 Rebels, The – Indian Rebels
13 Kourosh – Hadjme Khali
14 Googoosh – Respect
15 Saeed – Mosh Va Karnah
16 Golden Ring – Shekar Dar Kohestan
17 Littles – Mehtaab
18 Rebels – Sha La La
19 Saeed – Kocheh Asha
20 Golden Ring – Pasar Ha Naz Kaneed
21 Zinguala Ha – Atal Matal
22 Shakayik – A B C D
23 Zir – Baroun Behar Do Barah
24 Ojoobe Ha – Beware
25 Bijan – Baroon Omad
26 Rebels – What Can He Do
27 Shabah – I Need Somebody To Love


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