Friday, July 1, 2011

Ty Segall (2011) -Goodbye Bread

Artist: Ty Segall
Album: Goodbye Bread
Released: 2011
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 76 MB

”…In Goodbye Bread, his first full-length for Drag City, Segall has embraced singer-songwriter craft wholeheartedly. While garage rock O.G.s like the Troggs and the Stooges continue to be an influence, Segall has turned in a relatively calm effort here, choosing to downshift into slower tempos and cleaner sounds, evoking instead the work of John Lennon, Neil Young, and Marc Bolan. Heavyweights. But what makes Goodbye Bread such a success is that we get an even keener sense of what a Ty Segall song sounds like and what that means. Jay Reatard, whose wild-child persona has often been linked to Segall since the former's passing last year, proved that it takes a little more to stand out in this sphere. The same dark energy that set "Girlfriend" in motion can be heard here in varying forms, whether in the enormous chorus of "My Head Explodes" (a head-bangers delight), the wheelie-popping solo that slices through "Comfortable Home (A True Story)", or the sweaty, shivering verses of "You Make The Sun Fry". Though Goodbye Bread rarely takes a direct route, the thrill becomes much more about the ride from start to finish, than the speed or force of impact.” MORE REVIEW

01. Goodbye Bread
02. California Commercial
03. Comfortable Home (A True Story)
04. You Make the Sun Fry
05. I Can't Feel It
06. My Head Explodes
07. The Floor
08. Where Your Head Goes
09. I Am With You
10. Fine


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