Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sick Sick Sinners (2008 / 2011) -Road Of Sin / Hospital Hell

Artist: Sick Sick Sinners
Album: Road Of Sin / Hospital Hell
Released: 2008 / 2011
Quality: mp3 CBR 320 / 256
Size: 141 MB

The Sick Sick Sinners are a psychobilly trio composed of Vlad, Mutant Cox and Magrão from Curitiba, Brazil. The trio was born out of a few rehearsals at Mutant Cox's house in 2005. Around that time Cox discovered he was stuck playing the slap bass instead of the guitar as he originally planned. Vlad and Cox used to play together with "Os Cervejas" and then "Os Catalépticos". Duma came to play drums and together they recorded their first demo "We are the Sick Sick Sinners" which would eventually help spread their name beyond Brazil.

Album: Road Of Sin
Released: 2008
Quality: mp3 CBR 320

1. Evil Cabin
2. Nitro Girl
3. Beer And Flesh Meat
4. Bloody Hands
5. Miss Joana
6. White Sand Hills
7. Road Of Sin
8. Zombie's Union
9. Cold Blood Killer
10. Voodoo Queen
11. Army Of Light
12. Curitiba Rotterdam Psycho
13. We Are The Sick Sick Sinners
14. Girls

Album: Hospital Hell
Released: 2011
Quality: mp3 CBR 256

1. Hospital Hell 2:32
2. Pot Belly Bill 3:08
3. Diabolica Sed 3:14
4. Cadillac Podrera 1:41
5. Unfinished Business 2:53
6. Bonus Track


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