Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Microwave Dave & The Nukes (1996) -Nothing But The Blues

Artist: Microwave Dave and The

Album: Nothing But The Blues
Released: 1996 (originally released in 1995 at BluesWorks Records as Goodnight, Dear)
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 141 MB

Twenty years of performances in the U.S and Europe and six albums-with more on the way-have helped Microwave Dave & The Nukes establish a wide multinational audience. Venues vary from French soccer stadiums to Bike Week in Daytona Beach, from blues cruises on the Big Red Boat to neighborhood saloons, but the thousands of shows delivered by the band all reflect one core element: the heritage blues music enjoys as a lifter of spirits. As Microwave Dave puts it: "Blues is America's first-and still best-self-help program." ©

1. Last Call For Alcohol 5:04
2. Pay Bo Diddley 3:46
3. Born To Boogie Woogie 5:36
4. Got My Mind Made Up 4:52
5. Road Runner 4:52
6. If The Four Winds Don't Change 3:12
7. 20% Alcohol 4:31
8. Don't You Just Know It 3:13
9. Body And Fender Man 4:01
10. Start Me To Drinkin' 3:21
11. Atomic Powered 3:25
12. Highway's Like A Woman 5:11
13. Jesus Was Smart 2:09
14. Peace In The Alley

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