Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kaleidoscope (1969) -Faintly Blowing

Artist: Kaleidoscope
Album: Faintly Blowing
Released: 1969
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 156 MB

Faintly Blowing (Fontana) came out in 1969. While it may lack some of the key album cuts that made Tangerine Dream so special, Faintly Blowing is consistently strong and features influences as diverse as folk and hard rock. Some of the highlights include “Poem,” a soft folk track similar to “Please Excuse My Face,” the phased out hard rocker “Music” and the edgy psychedelic title cut. Abrasive numbers “Snapdragon” and “Love Song From Annie” represent Kaleidoscope’s new hard rock approach while still retaining the group’s clever edge – these cuts are both gems. Some songs’ lyrics, like that on the tuneful folk-rocker “A Story From Tom Blitz,” deal with morals and important life lessons to be learned.

The music on Faintly Blowing is a bit more professional sounding, lacking the reckless energy and psychedelic feel of the debut. But make no mistake, this is a very good album full of sharp ideas, fairytale lyrics, fine songcraft and pretty vocals. If you’re intrigued by psychedelic, progressive or folk sounds, this disc is not to be missed.

1. Faintly Blowing
2. Poem
3. Snapdragon
4. A Story from Tom Bitz
5. (Love Song) For Annie
6. If You So Wish
7. Bless the Executioner
8. Black Fjord
9. The Feathered Tiger
10. I'll Kiss You Once
11. Music
12. Do It Again for Jeffrey [*]
13. Poem [Mono Single Version][*]
14. Balloon [*]
15. If You So Wish [Mono Single Version][*]
16. Let the World Wash In [*]
17. Mediaeval Masquerade [*]


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