Monday, November 15, 2010

Bornand Music Box Collection -Old Music Box Waltz Melodies

Bornand Music Box Collection
Album: Old Music Box Waltz Melodies
Quality: mp3 CBR 320 (vinyl rip)
Size: 103 MB

This record celebrates the 10th anniversary of "OLD MUSIC BOX MELODIES" with 26 familiar, always popular, old and new world waltzes. It is recorded from two large fine Swiss cylinder music boxes and four of the various size disc music boxes, among them the "King of Music Boxes" the 27" disc Regina.

As time cures many ills, it began to right this injustice; one after another, music boxes came back - museums became interested - collections were started, and the services of Joseph Bornand, one of the last surviving factory trained experts in this field, were again in demand. It was a great joy for Mr. Bornand to open his music box shop again and he in turn taught his son Adrian V. all the secrets of this long lost art, a Bornand family business in Switzerland since 1825.

The Bornand music box collection containing many rare one of a kind instruments from all parts of the world, has long been recognized as one of the foremost in existence. To share this beauty and give the world this music which will probably never be produced in its original form again, the Bornands have recorded it for the modern record players. Thus the phonograph, which ended the music box business so long ago, is now the means of bringing this music into thousands of homes, which would otherwise not know of its existence or enjoy its nostalgic beauty. (from the liner notes)

Side A
1. Invitation to the Dance {0:54}
2. Artists Life Waltz {1:48}
3. Merry Widow/Treasure Waltz {2:09}
4. Faust Waltz {2:44}
5. Little Fisher Maiden/Skater's Waltz {1:42}
6. Estudiantina/Chimes of Normandy {3:15}
7. Tales of Vienna Woods {1:44}
8. Waves of the Blue Danube/Lagunes Waltz {2:51}
9. Espana Waltz {1:21}

Side B
1. Blue Danube Waltz {1:54}
2. Carnival of Venice {1:56}
3. On a Sunday Afternoon {3:21}
4. In the Good Old Summertime {1:41}
5. Edelweiss Glide {2:05}
6. When the Leaves Begin to Turn/After the Ball/Southern Roses {2:31}
7. Wine, Women & Song {2:45}
8. Mikado Waltz/Loin du Bal/Angot Waltz {2:54}
9. Romeo & Juliet Grand Waltz {1:37}

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