Friday, February 3, 2012

The Pistoleros (2001) -The Arrival of The Pistoleros

Artist: The Pistoleros
Album: The Arrival of The Pistoleros
Released: 2001
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 124 MB

The Pistoleros is a Norwegian band playing ’60s instrumental music. The band was formed in 1997, and three of the members are still from the original lineup. By early 2005 the original rhythm guitarist was replaced by the present.
The Pistoleros released the CD “The Arrival of The Pistoleros” on the Dutch label Rarity Records in 2001. In 2002 the band contributed with four tracks on the various artists CD “Twangin’ Around The World” on the Finnish label Twangsville.
Needless to say the band is inspired by The Shadows, but also Norwegian bands from the ‘60s like The Quivers, The Flames and The Vanguards have a considerable influence on the members.

1. Dark Man
2. Domino
3. Fort Knox
4. Farewell To Casablanca
5. Rocket Man
6. Dark Eyes
7. Manyana
8. The Pearls
9. Gotlandsk Sommarnatt
10. Rodriguez
11. New Material
12. Lonesome Moontide
13. Ambush At Buffalo Creek
14. The Mexican
15. War Dance
16. The Desperados
17. Mexican Bodega
18. The Arrival Of The Pistoleros
19. Just Before Dawn
20. Shades Of Green


  1. I would love to hear this record. Unfortunately none of those server work in the U.S. Any chance for depositfiles, mediafiles, rapidshare? thanks.

  2. Den - Sorry for the late reply - One Thousand THANKS for re-posting. This is a real treat. Such great music. Much appreciated.