Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Various Artists (2010) -Hey Beach Girls: Female Surf 'n' Drag

Artist: various
Album: Hey Beach Girls: Female Surf 'n' Drag
Released: 2010
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 178 MB

It wasn’t just guys singing about surfboards and hot rods during the surf and drag boom in the early '60s; the girls were doing it, too, as this delightful 25-track compilation from Ace Records shows. Although nothing here was really ever more than a regional hit, these female singers and groups add a refreshing spin to a genre that puts a premium on motion and speed and expands love to include the sun, endless waves, and high-performance car engines. It adds up to a wonderful batch of rarities including Brian Wilson's production of “Pray for Surf” by the Honeys (who included Marilyn Rovell, Wilson's soon-to-be wife), “(Dance with The) Surfin’ Band” by Hal Blaine & the Young Cougars (drum legend Hal Blaine with the Blossoms on vocals), “Will You Love Me (Like You Did Last Summer)” by the Westwoods (Gracia Nitzsche singing an arrangement composed by her husband, Jack Nitzsche), a stomping “Drag Race Johnny” by Australia’s endearing Little Pattie, and the first ever effort by the great songwriting team of Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry, “Red Corvette,” which was billed to Ellie Gee & the Jets. Each of these sides is at least historically interesting, and if some, like a rare surf song from Motown Records, “Surfer Boy” by the Supremes, are conceptually improbable, each conjures up the sound and feel of an endless summer where it isn’t just the guys in motion. ~ Steve Leggett

1 Pray for Surf Honeys 2:31
2 Cycle Set Loren 2:01
3 (Dance with The) Surfin' Band Blaine 2:09
4 Draggin' Wagon Surfer Girls 2:19
5 Shoot the Curl Honeys 2:20
6 He's My Surfin' Guy Beach Girls 2:26
7 (You Can't Take) My Boyfriend's Woody Angels 2:22
8 He's My Blonde-Headed, Stompie Wompie, Real Gone Surfer Guy Little Pattie & the Statesmen 1:41
9 Sammy the Sidewalk Surfer Surfettes 2:16
10 Don't Drag No More Lynne 2:32
11 I Miss My Surfer Boy Too Westwoods 2:28
12 Riding the Waves Sharp 2:25
13 Hey, Beach Boy Carroll 2:15
14 Surfer's Playmate Fleetwoods 2:21
15 Attention! Accident (Sur l'Autoroute de l'Ouest) (Shut Down) Gam's 2:07
16 Beach Blanket Bingo Loren 1:53
17 We're Goin' Surfin Marshans, Wailers 2:18
18 Drag Race Johnny Little Pattie & the Statesmen 2:25
19 Surfin' Orlons 2:27
20 Will You Love Me (Like You Did Last Summer) Westwoods 2:19
21 Lonely Little Beach Girl Connors, Surfettes 1:47
22 Surfer Boy Supremes 2:28
23 Rod Hot Rod King Pins 2:07
24 Your Baby's Gone Surfin' Eddy 2:23
25 Red Corvette Gee 2:41

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