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Dino Saluzzi, Anthony Cox, David Friedman (1995) -Rios

Artist: Dino Saluzzi, Anthony Cox, David Friedman
Album: Rios
Released: 1995
Quality: lossless (FLAC tracks) / mp3 CBR 320
Size: 237 / 100 MB

Because Dino Saluzzi is an Argentine who plays the bandoneon, it is inevitable to compare him to Astor Piazolla. This comparison is unfair, however, because if Saluzzi is playing tango, it is so abstracted and transformed that we may as well just call it jazz. If a better comparison is sought it would be to another international jazz musician like Renaud Garcia-Fons.
On Rios, Saluzzi plays with American bassist Anthony Cox and American vibist and arranger David Friedman, a musician who's run the gamut from Yoko Ono to Disney soundtracks. Together they play an assortment of tunes by members of the group, about half of them Saluzzi's, plus the one cover "My One and Only Love." The numbers are thoughtful but not flashy. Friedman's "Penta y Uno" is largely a deconstruction of bossa nova and tango, featuring percussion as well as vibes. Cox's "Jad" uses weird effects from the instruments and the occasional Arabic motif to build up to a subdued bop frenzy. Other tracks are more straight-ahead combinations of the primary instruments.
~ Kurt Keefner

1 Los Them
2 Minguito
3 Fulano de Tal...
4 Sketch #1
5 And He Loved His Brother til the End...
6 Penta y Uno
7 Jad
8 Lunch With Pancho Villa
9 My One And Only Love
10 Rios

Bandoneon, Voice, Percussion - Dino Saluzzi
Bass [Acoustic], Bass [Electric] - Anthony Cox
Marimba, Vibraphone, Percussion - David Friedman
Producer - Lee Townsend

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