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Knut Rössler, Johannes Vogt, Miroslav Vitous (2007) -Between The Times

Artist: Knut Rössler, Johannes Vogt, Miroslav Vitous
Albums: Between The Times
Released: 2007
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 131 MB

Fortune's ways are often unpredictable. Two musicians with seemingly completely different focus. One of them a German jazz saxophonist, blue note saturated by countless gigs in subterranean joints since the 1960’s.The other a lute player from a completely different scene, specialist for ancient music from the middle ages on. Brought together by the visual arts – both of them often performed at gallery openings for a number of Heidelberg artists. One day they were asked to play together, as the relevant exhibition connected the old and the new. An unexpected and consequential prod: It resulted in a lasting collaboration. Now saxophonist Knut Rössler and lutenist Johannes Vogt are releasing their ACT-debut: Between the Times is the name of the CD and the ensemble itself, which is manoeuvred through time and style by the two masterminds and their collaborators percussionist Mani Neumeier and stellar bass player Miroslav Vitous.

Between the Times is an effervescent name that resonates on a number of levels. Here it also means
between two musical epochs, meaning not quite renaissance anymore but not baroque yet. The compositions that have inspired this recording stem from the period around 1650. Johannes Vogt finds the music from such transitional periods especially fascinating, the pieces from this time display an unusual pleasure in experimentation, their vocabulary is not yet standardised, like that of later compositions: a daring, un-clichéd and often surprising language. Rössler and Vogt venture into almost uncharted territory (outside of esoteric circles, that is!), with music by composers like Ennemond Gaultier, Pierre Dubut or Jacques Gallot. This allows for discoveries on a number of different levels.
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01 Contemplation (Rössler/Vogt) 7:06
02 Pré-luth modal (Rössler/Vogt/Goos) 6:04
03 Kuna (Rössler/Vogt) 4:57
04 L’encyclopédie (Rössler/Vogt) 5:37
05 Dialogue (Rössler/Vogt) 4:30
06 Le colibri royal (Rössler/Goos) 2:25
07 Le rêve lucide (Rössler/Vogt) 3:26
08 La mélancolie (Rössler/Vogt/Goos) 3:55
09 L’intention paradoxale (Rössler/Goos) 5:17
10 La vie éphémère (Rössler/Vogt) 7:49
11 Canaries (Rössler/Vogt) 4:03

Bass - Miroslav Vitous
Lute [Baroque], Synthesizer, Producer - Johannes Vogt
Percussion - Mani Neumeier
Saxophone [Soprano], Flute [Alto], Producer - Knut Rössler

Recorded in Heidelberg in Oct. 2006



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