Monday, December 20, 2010

BASta! (2009) -Cycles

Artist: BASta!
Albums: Cycles
Released: 2009
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 101 MB

April 2009 was a busy month for Antwerp double bassist Joris Vanvinckenroye. Not only did he spearhead the recording of Songs from Mirage, the third full-length CD by his principal creative outlet, the neoclassical chamber rock outfit Aranis, but he also kept his fingers busy under his solo moniker BASta! (exclamation point included and fully warranted), recording this occasionally astounding 45-minute album of multi-tracked bass. Cycles is 100 percent Vanvinckenroye and his double bass — there are no other instruments present (or at least that is the claim, as hard as that might be to believe at times) — although this is not the sound of unaccompanied bass solos. Rather, Vanvinckenroye plays what would appear to be a handful of bass parts at the very least, and oftentimes what sounds like a bass-filled ensemble of nearly orchestral proportions, in multi-layered compositions that surely encompass both the highest and lowest notes the instrument is capable of producing. …Vanvinckenroye takes things a step further here — with their woody textures and grain, his basses are engaged in a deeply organic dance as they lay down a strong foundation of repeated, loop-like phrases while also answering one another in counterpoint, chugging through the middle ground with relentless drive, and singing wildly in the high registers. ~ Read more

01 Codis
02 S 20
03 Sonan
04 Linea
05 SRP
06 Folky tune 1
07 Delayed
08 Sleeping dogs
09 Bauw
10 Cycles
11 Folky tune 2
12 Basta



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