Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Astor Piazzolla (1996) -57 Minutos Con La Realidad

Artist: Astor Piazzolla
Albums: 57 Minutos con la Realidad
Released: 1996
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 118 MB

A final release from Astor Piazzolla, recorded shortly before his death and edited for release following notes that he left behind. The work stems largely from a session in the BBC studios, and also from a recording session in Germany. The playing is wonderful here -- all of the pieces fit well together. The piano is especially brash, courtesy of Gerardo Gandini. One other notable item here: the inclusion of a second bandoneon to work with Piazzolla's own in the sextet. For fans of Piazzolla, this is a wonderful album. For those that aren't full fledged devotees, it may also serve as a decently good introduction to the deep world of nuevo tango headed by Piazzolla. ~ Adam Greenberg,

1 Imagenes 3:17
2 Milonga Para Tres 5:53
3 Buenos Aires Hora Cero 5:26
4 Pasajes Obscuras Dos Estrellas 2:03
5 Tres Minutos con la Realidad 2:58
6 Mumuki 11:35
7 Sexteto P 12:15
8 Adios Nonino 8:42
9 Prelude to the Cyclical Night 0:51


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