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Various Artists (2000) - Wildsville! / Wowsville! / Weirdsville!

Artist:  various artists
Album:  Wildsville! / Wowsville! / Weirdsville!
Release date: 2000
Quality: mp3 VBR ~200
Size: 71 + 85 +93 MB  

Wildsville brings together a collection of some of the choicest, craziest and (of course) wildest tracks from the 50s and 60s. Buckle up gang, you’re in for a wild ride!

“…the world needs more rock’n’roll albums full of congs about some of the important things in life – sex, drinking, eating, TV, horror movies, motorcycles etc… Welcome to Wowsville! Where the party never ends.

“Sick of sanitary and safe sounds of today? Wanna sample the insane and zany? Weirdsville proudly delivers the goods with this collection of inspired strangeness from the 50s and 60s. Stand by for take-off!” © linear notes

Album:  Wildsville!
Release date: 2000
Quality: mp3 VBR ~200
Size: 71 MB  

A1 Gamma Goochee Himself, The* – The Gamma Goochee
A2 Travis Wammack – Distortion Part 1
A3 Hollywood Hurricanes* – Beavershot
A4 Big Beats, The (3) – Under Arrest
A5 Ron & Joe And The Crew – Riot In Cell Block No. 9
A6 Knockouts, The (2) – Riot In Room 3C
A7 Opposite Six, The – Church Key (Pt. 68)
A8 Johnny Amelio – Jugue
B1 Creep, The (3) – Betty Lou's Got A New Tattoo
B2 Lifeguards, The – Everybody Out'ta The Pool
B3 Drits & Dravy – Talk That Talk - Pt. 1
B4 Bobby Lee Trammell – New Dance In France
B5 Big John Taylor – Money, Money
B6 Triads, The – Bacon Fat
B7 Toads, The (5) – Backaruda
B8 Kai Ray – Trashman's Blues

Artist:  various artists
Album:  Wowsville!
Release date: 2000
Quality: mp3 VBR ~200
Size: 85 MB  

A1 Trig Williams* With Jokers, The (10) – Hollywood Cat
A2 Paul Ott (2) – Kitty Kat
A3 Dave S. Trio – Devil's Daughter
A4 Johnny Donn With Jazzrockers, The – Smog
A5 Spinners, The (6) – Boomerang
A6 Duke Mitchell – The Lion
A7 Viscounts, The – Night Flight
A8 Tommy Blake – $F...olding Money$
B1 Visions, The (7) – Cigarette
B2 Jan Davis – Fugitive
B3 Jeff Barry – Hip Couple
B4 Zulus, The (4) – Topless
B5 Bobby Dean – It's A Fad, Ma!
B6 Shades, The (18) – Sun Glasses
B7 Bobby Warren & The Rebelettes* – Motor Cycle Maniac
B8 Bobby Bare – Vampira

Artist:  various artists
Album:  Weirdsville!
Release date: 2000
Quality: mp3 VBR ~200
Size: 93 MB

A1 Bob Vidone &;The Rhythm Rockers – Weird
A2 Decades, The (2) – On Sunset
A3 Zanies, The – The Mad Scientist
A4 Randy Luck – I Was A Teen-Age Cave Man
A5 Jim Backus – Cave Man
A6 Social Outcasts, The – Mad
A7 Fritz & Jerry – Pad
A8 Rockbusters, The – Tough Chick
B1 Little Eddie Woods – Bug Killer
B2 DDT & The Repellents – Fly Swatter
B3 Johnny Royal – Lover Boy
B4 Jimmie Heap & His Orchestra* – Gismo
B5 Jim Doval & The Gauchos – Scrub
B6 Exports, The (2) – Car Hop
B7 S&H Scamps – Punjab
B8 Rockin' Rebels, The – Burn Baby Burn  

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