Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mark Sultan (2012) -War On Rock’N’Roll


Artist:  Mark Sultan
Album: War On Rock’N’Roll
Release date:  2012
Quality:  mp3 CBR 320 [vinyl rip]
Size:  105 MB

“Mark Sultan... Have you heard this name before? One half of the King Khan & BBQ Show and the infamous BBQ one man band. Singer/guitarist of Mind Controls. Drummer/singer of Les Sexareenos. Singer of The Spaceshits. Collaborator with The Deadly Snakes, Jack Oblivian and The Demon's Claws. Treasurer of the Death Cult (along with Khan, the Demon's Claws, The Black Lips, The Spits and The Gris Gris). Owner of Sultan Records. He's toured the world several times over as a musical vagabond of missionary proportions. Ring a bell? He's been called everything from 'our generation's Gerry Roslie' to 'a visionary with the voice of an angel' and 'a true rock'n'roll hero'." © In The Red Records

"In The Red Records has decided to release this recording on vinyl to celebrate Record Store Day, and I am thrilled. While you listen to this recording, keep in mind that it is one take, live, and that the sides of the LP split the recording, obviously due to vinyl's time limitations upon pressing. At the time of this recording, yes, I was hellbent on converting my live sound to what you hear on this LP. It had been my first and only attempt at this sound, and while I am myself curious how I pulled it off in that one take, and while I really enjoy how it sounds, I never tried doing it again. Maybe I will for some of these upcoming shows." © Mark Sultan

A. War On Rock 'N' Roll Pt. 1                         
B. War On Rock 'N' Roll Pt. 2

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