Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Sufis - two albums


Artist:  The Sufis
Albums: The Sufis / Inventions
Release date:  2012 / 2013
Quality:  mp3 CBR 320
Size:  120 MB

“Imagine you have just popped round to mum and dad’s to help them clear some stuff from the attic. You stumble across a very old looking cardboard box marked; ‘dads trip kit’ and you have a peek inside. You find he has a bag of questionable looking vitamins, a strange picture book, a marathon bar (to keep the party going) and a record called the Sufis.
 This may puzzle you considering this album is not out until June 2012, but that’s where it was born in the past. It’s a brilliant album that needs to be praised all over."

Album: The Sufis
Release date:  2012
Quality:  mp3 CBR 320

1 Where Did She Go
2 Sri Sai Flora
3 Wake Up
4 Lemming Circle Dance
5 In The Ashram
6 Rosalie’s Garden
7  Downtrace
8 Light Tunnel
9 See The Way
10 I Don’t Know


Albums: Inventions
Release date:  2013
Quality:  mp3 CBR 320

1 All Of The Time
2 Most Peculiar Happening Cat
3 She Said To Me
4 I’ll Come To See You
5 Turn Around
6 The End
7 Alone
8 No Expression
9 Gotta Get Away
10 Wallflower
11 Nothing More To Say
12 Washed Away

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