Monday, May 30, 2011

Vladimir Oidupaa (1999) -Divine Music From A Jail

Artist: Владимир Ойдупаа
Albums: Divine Music From A Jail
Release date: 1999
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 131 MB

Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun is a famous throat singer from Tuva (a southern Russian republic) who sings in the kargyraa style, a deep undertone technique. Oh, and he sings while accompanying himself on the accordion. Oiduppa’s singing is more emotional and less traditional than typical kargyraa but, then again, Oiduppa was a non-traditional guy, spending more than half of his life in jail. This song, written by Oiduppa and dedicated to the Tuvan people, comes from the album, Divine Music From a Jail. ©

1 How The Shadow Is Clear 2:08
2 It Is Echoing All Over The World 5:35
3 Khaian 1:59
4 Have You Seen Kodergen? 5:10
5 To My Mother 2:44
6 It Is Windy In Ovur 2:09
7 While There Is Still Taiga There 1:20
8 My Wealthy Taiga 2:26
9 I Am Sitting On A Steep Slope 5:33
10 Recollecting My All, My Homeland 2:18
11 Only You 2:55
12 A Thin Mountain Ash 5:23
13 There Are Many Tears Here Gained 3:56
14 I Will Herd 3:08
15 My Nightingale 1:42
16 The Girl Of The Tes River 5:30
17 Kaldak-Khamar 3:07
18 Ah, You, Sweetie 1:10



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