Monday, May 16, 2011

The People's Temple (2011) -Sons Of Stone

Artist: The People's Temple
Albums: Sons Of Stone
Release date: May 2011
Quality: mp3 VBR ~250
Size: 80 MB

On paper, the People's Temple might look like a band built from shopworn Nuggets-era garage and psych clichés. Their name comes from the cult that committed mass suicide in 1978. They're from a Midwestern town (Lansing, Michigan) like the McCoys and the Trashmen before them. They play grimy rock'n'roll with a sneer and without much thought about recording quality. But somehow, they manage to imbue these familiar elements with a healthy dose of personality.
"Sons of Stone", the title track from their debut LP, introduces the record with an over-the-top, middle-of-the-desert riff that plays on loop for the majority of the track. That hook is almost defiant in how catchy it manages to be throughout the song's five minutes, invoking a mutant strain of hazy, psychedelic sultan rock before cranking into some grunged-up power chords. Though there's plenty of gripping melodrama along the way-- see lyrics like "Would you even care if I died?" and the false ending-- the song's central groove is hypnotic and undeniable enough to hold it all together and make room for such theatrics. And while the People's Temple easily satisfy the "stare into the lava lamp" requirements as they douse everything in atmosphere, they also put the songwriting front and center, resulting in a track that feels grounded in the moment even as it nods to the past.

1 Sons Of Stone
2 Led As One
3 Mephadrone
4 Visions Of The Sun
5 Where You Gonna Go?
6 StarStreamer
7 Sons Of Stone Revisited
8 AxeMan
9 Keeper
10 Pretender
11 Miles Away
12 Stick Around
13 Never Really
14 The Surf


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