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Various Artists (2009) -Dirty French Psychedelics: French Psyche Pop

Artist: various
Album: Dirty French Psychedelics: French Psyche Pop
Released: 2009
Quality: mp3 CBR 192
Size: 87 MB

“On paper, “Dirty French Psychedelics” is a compilation for classic rock radio with names our parents would recognize. In reality, it is a hallucinated voyage through the land of French pop psychedelics to be listened to in one sitting, eyes half-open in the heat of the summer of 2009. Certain experts will tell you that Bernard Lavilliers or Brigitte Fontaine are not psychedelic, and they are probably right. Who cares? May the experts go back to counting their CDs. Psychedelics is a notion too precious and subjective to be imprisoned by such stylistic formatting; psychedelics are about perception, not “controlled appellations of origin”.
Dirty French Psychedelics is intended for fans of French pop from Serge Gainsbourg to Air, for people who want to discover or rediscover the music of the seventies, for those who want to listen to music without really paying attention and for those who want to listen attentively through their headphones.
Have a good trip.”
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1 Christophe - Ferber Endormi 1:48
Composed By [Compositeur] - Christophe
Lyrics By [Auteur] - Jean Michel Jarre*

2 Bernard Lavilliers - Les Aventures Extraordinaires D'un Billet De Banque 3:17
Composed By [Compositeur], Lyrics By [Auteur] - Bernard Lavilliers
3 Brigitte Fontaine - Il Pleut 2:34
Lyrics By [Auteur] - Brigitte Fontaine
Lyrics By [Auteur], Composed By [Compositeur], Arranged By [Arrangeur] - Jean-Claude Vannier

4 Dashiell Hedayat - Long Song For Zelda 7:42
Composed By [Compositeur], Lyrics By [Auteur] - Dashiell Hedayat
5 Cortex (2) - Cortex A 2:12
Composed By [Compositeur], Lyrics By [Auteur] - Alain Neffe
6 Nino Ferrer - Looking For You 5:40
Composed By [Compositeur], Lyrics By [Auteur] - Nino Ferrer
7 Jeanne Marie Sens* - Tape Tape Tape 2:37
Composed By [Compositeur], Lyrics By [Auteur] - J.P. Pouret* , J.M. Sens*
8 Jean Jacques Dexter* - Be Quiet 2:47
Composed By [Compositeur], Lyrics By [Auteur] - Y. Tragger*
9 Alain Kan - Speed My Speed 3:37
Composed By [Compositeur], Lyrics By [Auteur] - Alain Kan
10 François De Roubaix - La Frite Équatoriale 2:53
Composed By [Compositeur], Lyrics By [Auteur] - François De Roubaix
11 Cheval Fou - La Fin De La Vie, Le Début De La Survivance 12:42
Composed By [Compositeur], Lyrics By [Auteur] - Michel Peteau (2)
12 Christophe - Sunny Road To Salina 4:25
Composed By [Compositeur], Lyrics By [Auteur] - Christophe
13 Ilous* & Decuyper* - Berceuse 2:32
Composed By [Compositeur], Lyrics By [Auteur] - B. Ilous* , P. Decuyper*
14a Karl Heinz Schäfer & Arabian* - Utopia 2:03
Composed By [Compositeur] - Karl Heinz Schäfer
14b Brigitte Fontaine - Comme À La Radio 0:23

Track 14b is an uncredited hidden track at the end of track 14. The total length of track 14 is 6:25.


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