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Magic Carpet (1972) -Magic Carpet

Artist: Magic Carpet
Album: Magic Carpet
Released: 1972
Quality: mp3 CBR 192
Size: 86 MB

Way back in the early seventies in London, three friends came together to play some unusual music: Sitarist Clem Alford, guitarist Jim Moyes and tabla player Keshav Sathe formed a unique Anglo/ Indian fusion, calling themselves Sargam (the name of a note in an Indian scale). They made one album under the name 'Sagram', mispelt by the Windmill recording company and inappropriately entitled Pop Explosion Sitar Style! This album was released without the band's permission, the ludicrous cover photograph bearing no relation to any band members or anything about them.
In 1971, soon after the release of "Sagram", the Sargam trio were offered another LP recording contract by Mushroom Records, with the proviso that they find a singer. Having met her when they were both at Chelsea School of Art, Jim Moyes contacted the singer Alisha Sufit. At the time Alisha was living in Islington, London, singing and writing songs for acoustic guitar and Appalachian dulcimer. Jim Moyes invited her to play and the four musicians soon renamed themselves Magic Carpet, forming a unique Anglo-Indian musical collaboration.
The band recorded the Magic Carpet album in the winter of 1971 - 1972 on the Mushroom Records label (MR 20).
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1. The Magic Carpet
2. The Phoenix
3. Black Cat
4. Alan’s Christmas Card
5. Harvest Song
6. Do You Hear The Words
7. Father Time
8. La La
9. Peace Song
10. Take Away Kesh
11. High Street
12. The Dream
13. Raga



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