Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Movie Star Junkies & Vermillion Sands (2009) -LP + 7"

Artist: Movie Star Junkies & Vermillion Sands
Album: Junkyears: Rarities And Farm Recordings 2005-2007 + 7” split with Vermillion Sands
Released: 2009
Quality: mp3 VBR
Size: 38 MB
Born in 2005 the Movie Star Junkies were originally a duo. Their main influences had always been the Birthday Party and the Gun Club and in the early years they start to play a couple of shows in Italy with just a drum and an organ. In 2006 a guitarist join the band for the recordings of the first 7 inch, recorded in a refrigerate cell with a 4 tracks and released the same year. After several compilations and gigs in France Croatia and U.K the trio put out a new 7 inch. In 2007 they record 5 songs in the same refrigerate cell and the italian label No-fi records releases them for a limited cassette series. In the same year another guitarist and a saxophone player join the band, and after the second european tour (in France Germany Belgium and Holland) the band is ready to record 10 new songs, 4 of them will be released the year after on a 10 inch split The feeling of love.In early 2008 the band is formed by 2 guitars 1 bass drums organ and voice, and starts to perform some acoustic shows too. . more info

1. Black Caraibi
2. Montgomery Clift
3. Sad Short Ballad Of A Gun And A Bride
4. Whistling
5. The Sink Song
6. Subliminal Man
7. Red Ants Blues

split with Vermillion Sands
1. I Love You More As Dead
2. Slow Dance

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