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Five Horse Johnson - discography

Artist: Five Horse Johnson
Albums: Blues for Henry / Double Down / Fat Black Pussy Cat / The No. 6 Dance / The Las Men On Earth / The Mystery Spot
Released: 1995 / 1997 / 1998 / 2000 / 2003 / 2006
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 105 + 130 + 122 + 132 + 107 + 93 MB

When Five Horse Johnson formed back in the year of 1995, and announced themselves as a Blues Band, their friends may have thought they had cause to worry. After all, it is a well-worn banality that white boys can only ever hope to mimic the blues, isn’t it? The band has always understood that the Blues isn’t a formula, but a way of looking at the world; their blues is a dirty, sensual thing (it ain’t for nothin’ that their new catalog number is 69, people!), and while retaining a more than healthy dose of humor, they are completely and 100% free of the goofy hardy-har-har trappings of some of the other wannabes out there trying to be “bluesy” (hear that, J. Spencer?).

Over the past decade, Five Horse Johnson has happily and thankfully proven the doubters wrong. Never apers, over the course of 6 albums, Five Horse Johnson has honed out a niche all their own, combining their love and respect for the Blues, Classic Rock and other, less dog-eared influences of their youth to become one of the most loved and respected bands in the Stoner Rock community. Always a right freight train live, the band has spent a lot of time on the road with the likes of Clutch, Halfway To Gone, etc., gathering fans, friends, and drinking partners all over the world.

Albums: Blues For Henry
Released: 1995
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 105 MB

1 Let Me In
2 Addie
3 Sermons In The Yard
4 Candystore
5 Honeycomb
6 Wishing Well
7 Roscoe Gauldin
8 Odella

Albums: Double Down
Released: 1997
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 130 MB

1 Downstone Blues
2 Shine Eyed
3 Double Down
4 Roll With You
5 Wash Your Hands
6 Beggin' For Bail
7 High Time
8 Diamond
9 People's Jam
10 Submission

Albums: Fat Black Pussycat
Released: 1998
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 122 MB

1 Lightning When I Need
2 Fly Back Home
3 So Low
4 She Don't Know
5 Sermons In The Yard
6 Say We Can
7 Bleachin' Bones
8 Climb Right Through
9 I Cried
10 Dead Language

Albums: The No.6 Dance
Released: 2000
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 132 MB

1 Intro
2 Mississippi King
3 Spillin' Fire
4 Silver
5 God's Of Demolition
6 Shine Around
7 It Ain't Easy
8 Hollerin'
9 Lollipop
10 Swallow The World
11 Buzzard Luck
12 Odella

Albums: The Last Men On Earth
Released: 2003
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 107 MB

1 Cry Rain
2 Cherry Red
3 Soul Digger
4 Three At A Time
5 Blood Don’t Pay
6 Love 2 Lose
7 Sweetwater
8 B.C. Approved
9 Sawhill
10 YerMountain

Albums: The Mystery Spot
Released: 2006
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 93 MB

1 The Mystery Spot
2 Ten-Cent Dynamite
3 Call Me Down
4 ...of Ditch Diggers and Drowning Men
5 Gin Clear
6 Rolling Thunder
7 Feed That Train
8 Keep Your Prize
9 Three Hearts
10 The Ballad of Sister Ruth
11 I Can't Shake It
12 Drag You There

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