Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Various Artists (2007) -The Answer to Everything: Girl Answer Songs of the 60's

Artist: various
Album: The Answer to Everything: Girl Answer Songs of the 60's
Released: 2007
Quality: mp3 CBR 192
Size: 103 MB

”An astounding number of "answer" songs have been recorded in response to big hits in the history of the recording industry, though the phenomenon is more popular at some points than at others. This CD collects no less than 28 such items from 1959-1966, most of them from the early '60s, and all but one (Bertell Dache's "Not Just Tomorrow, But Always") sung by a woman vocalist or female group. As you'd expect, virtually all of these are novelties of sorts, and virtually none of them are in the same class as the songs they're answering. Nor were many of them successful in the marketplace, though a few of them (especially Jody Miller's "Queen of the House," fired off in response to Roger Miller's "King of the Road," and Jeanne Black's "He'll Have to Stay") were actually big hits in their own right, and a few others managed to reach the lower regions of the national charts. All that considered, this is actually more listenable than many skeptics might expect. The production is usually good, the rewrites usually reasonably witty, and the performances usually enthusiastic, even if in their heart of hearts everyone involved knew it was a long shot that these things were going to be smashes.” ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi

1. Just Tell Him Jane Said Hello - Gerri Granger
2. I'm No Run Around - Ginger Davis & The Snaps
3. Jerry (I'm Your Sherry) - Tracey Dey
4. Queen of the House -
5. Sugar Shack Queen - Georgia Lynn
6. Gary, Please Don't Sell My Diamond Ring - Wendy Hill
7. You Should Know I'm Still Your Baby - Sammi Lynn
8. I'll Believe It When I See It - Sierras
9. Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight - Dodie Stevens
10. Not Just Tomorrow, But Always - Bertell Dache
11. I'll Be There - Damita Jo
12. Don't Let Him Shop Around - Debbie Dean
13. Son-In-Law - Blossoms
14. He'll Have to Stay - Jeanne Black
15. Duchess of Earl - Pearlettes
16. Well, I Told You - Chantels
17. When a Woman Loves a Man - Esther Phillips
18. Long as the Rose Is Red - Florraine Darlin
19. Tell Tommy I Miss Him - Marilyn Michaels
20. (I Can't Help You) I'm Falling, Too - Skeeter Davis
21. You Don't Have to Be a Tower of Strength - Gloria Lynne
22. I'll Bring It on Home to You - Carla Thomas
23. I'll Just Walk on By - Margie Singleton
24. (Chain Gang) The Sound of My Man - Theola Kilgore
25. Sorry, Daddy - Sweethearts
26. I Don't Like It Like That - Bobbettes
27. There Is Nothing on My Mind, Pts. 1 & 2 - Teen Queens
28. They Took You Away - I'm Glad, I'm Glad - Josephine


  1. so many great compilations on your blog,and they're all dead!
    please if you can reup some of this gems...