Monday, October 10, 2011

The Dirt Daubers - 2 albums

Artist: The Dirt Daubers
Album: The Dirt Daubers / Wake Up Sinners
Released: 2009 / 2011
Quality: mp3 VBR ~160 / CBR 320
Size: 88 MB

”J.D. Wilkes is a man of many talents: He’s helmed the Legendary Shack Shakers for the last decade-and-a-half, played harmonica with the likes of Merle Haggard, and earned the title of Kentucky colonel. Apparently, though, he didn’t feel like he was busy enough already, so he went ahead and created the Dirt Daubers in 2009. It’s a project that satisfies Wilkes’ more traditionalist side; whereas the Legendary Shack Shakers deal more in psychobilly and punk-blues, the Dirt Daubers—Wilkes, his wife Jessica, and Shack Shakers standby Mark Robertson—stick to a more rootsy bluegrass sound.”MORE


Album: The Dirt Daubers
Released: 2009
Quality: mp3 VBR ~160

”Often I find that most new artists mining the tropes of "traditional" or "Americana" music—and they are legion—leave me cold and disinterested. Too often it sounds like a batch of wanky college kids turning an ironic wink-and-nudge at a historic art form, sans reverence. The Dirt Daubers are a notable exception. This eponymous debut is the most fun I've had with a new release in some time.
The band is comprised of Kentuckians Colonel JD Wilkes (The Legendary Shack Shakers), his wife Jessica and "Slow" Layne Hendrickson. Over the course of 10 tracks, none of which cracks the three-minute barrier, their eclectic mix of what ultimately strips down as "hillbilly" music sounds utterly authentic.”

1. Black Eyed Susie 1:46
2. Come On In 2:25
3. Tennessee Dog Attack 2:00
4. The Devil Gets His Due 2:20
5. Wild Bill Jones 1:39
6. Ode to Contrail Twitty 1:50
7. County of Graves 2:37
8. Pump Handle Bird 1:21
9. On the Front Porch 2:49
10. Sugar Baby 1:58

Album: Wake Up Sinners!
Released: 2011
Quality: mp3 CBR 320

”On their new LP, Wake Up, Sinners, the trio deliver a lean collection of barnburners that couldn’t have come from anywhere but Wilkes’ Kentucky home. The sound is good ol’ American heartland folk, unpretentious and unrelenting. Much like some of the songs from The King Is Dead, the Decemberists’ folksy release earlier this year, the tunes here evoke a certain apocalyptic mood: When Wilkes sings, “You must be a lover of the Lord / Or you can’t go to heaven when you die” against a backdrop of galloping banjo and mandolin, it’s hard not to feel like the Four Horsemen are headed your way.”MORE

1. Wayfaring Stranger 1:52
2. Get Outta My Way 2:19
3. Angel Along The Tracks 2:22
4. Be Not Afraid 2:39
5. The Devil Gets His Due 2:15
6. Say Darlin' Say 1:23
7. Can't Go To Heaven 2:34
8. High And Low 2:21
9. Trucks, Tractors And Trains 2:12
10. Wake Up, Sinners 2:31
11. Single Girl 1:56
12. She And Us Pets 1:37
13. My Old Kentucky Home 0:27

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