Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tom Waits (2011) -Bad As Me

Artist: Tom Waits
Album: Bad As Me
Date of release: October 24, 2011
Quality: mp3 CBR 192
Size: 63 MB

A new Tom Waits album is an event and his seventeenth outing released after a few years is no let down. It starts with the gravel voiced troubadour yelling ‘all aboard’ and instantly you are transported into his fantastically surreal world of strange characters, pounding rhythms and clanking sounds as Waits hollers about a magically seedy underbelly of a long lost America of tattooed tear brawlers, snake oil charmers, broken hearted losers and faded grandeur, a world of seedy dance halls and long lost smoky bars.

The songs are, as ever, of the highest standard- squeezing melody from the stoniest of terrains, finding heart breaking tunes in the most clanking of soundscapes, there is dark humour and hollering blues, heart breaking ballads and zig zag wandering blues madness. Waits is king of all he surveys, every song is 3D, a movie on it’s own, close your eyes and you’re on a trip.

01. Chicago (2:15)
02. Raised Right Men (3:24)
03. Talking At The Same Time (4:14)
04. Get Lost (2:42)
05. Face To The Highway (3:43)
06. Pay Me (3:14)
07. Back In The Crowd (2:49)
08. Bad As Me (3:10)
09. Kiss Me (3:41)
10. Satisfied (4:05)
11. Last Leaf (2:56)
12. Hell Broke Luce (3:57)
13. New Year's Eve (4:31)



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