Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Grandmothers (1968) -Baby Grandmothers

Artist: Baby Grandmothers
Album: Baby Grandmothers
Released: 1968
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 142 MB

Baby Grandmothers were a short-lived Swedish band, but one of the most prolific and unique psychedelic, modal, experimental power-trios to emerge out of the Scandinavian psychedelic underground-scene in 1967. Although hailing from Stockholm, Sweden they only released a single in Finland, which has since become one of the most sought after pieces of vinyl from the era. Baby Grandmothers were formed out of the legendary R&B / beat band T-Boones in the summer of 1967. T-Boones are probably best known for their “At the club/King of the Orient” single which is one of the best, and most collectable, out of the Swedish garage beat-era. Guitar-wiz Kenny Håkansson joined the band in 1965 and with the group down to a trio they drifted into the psychedelic sounds of the time and in August 1967 released the single “I Want You”, which definitely was the first hard-rock recording ever made in Sweden. The band was then re-christened Baby Grandmothers by the co-founder of the newly opened psychedelic club Filips, for which he needed a house-band. Filips was the legendary breeding ground for bands such as Hansson & Karlsson, Pärson Sound, as well as orgiastic all night jams with foreign luminaries such as Jimi Hendrix and the Mothers of Invention. Baby Grandmothers also supported Jimi Henrix on his Swedish tour in 1968 and then turned into Mecki Mark Men, who became the first Swedish rock band to tour the US. Founding member Kenny Håkansson went on to form the highly influential Kebnekajse, who created the Swedish electric folk psych sound. This unique collection brings live-recordings made at Filips, their impossibly rare single and a rare live recording made in Finland. Painstakingly collected and researched by Dungen’s guitarist Reine Fiske. ©

Released on Limited Edition Vinyl - SUBLP20 - this is the CD release. Like the Vinyl release it contains all the Baby Grandmothers recordings including the only 12" they released (which was originally released in Finland in 1968) and other live recordings. It also has some good liner notes giving some background to the band as well as photos.
All the tracks were recorded between October 1967 and March 1968.

01 - Somebody keeps calling my name (9:15)
02 - Being is more than life (5:41)
03 - Bergakungen (16:21)
04 - Being is more than life 2 (19:46)
05 - Saint George’s Dragon (7:04)
06 - Saint George’s Dragon 2 (0:58)
07 - Raw diamond (1:31)

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