Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Cult Of Dom Keller (2014) -The Second Bardo

Artist:  The Cult of Dom Keller
Albums: The Second Bardo 
Released:  2014
Quality: mp3 VBR
Size: 94 MB

"Cult of Dom Keller sound like they’ve fallen from the back of Ken Kesey’s legendary LSD loaded magic bus, down ‘n’ dirty slabs of fried freak beat are sumptuously decoded within a swamp infested heavy beatnik chassis, part acid laced shade wearing psyche and part heavy stoner goo, a wasted baby laced with hazy 60′s sourced keys and looping gridlocked riffs of mind expanding proportions".
© a giant leap

  1. Plague Of All       
  2. The Snake Keeps Changing            
  3. Dead Sea             
  4. Into The Sky Volcano      
  5. Beyond Burning Skies      
  6. Heavy & Dead (Demo Version)     
  7. Godshaker           
  8. Ghost Bones       
  9. The Second Bardo            
  10. Killed In My Sleep

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