Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dead Combo (2014) -A Bunch of Meninos

Artist: Dead Combo
Albums: A Bunch Of Meninos
Release date:  2014
Quality:  mp3 CBR 320
Size:  102 MB

“Dead Combo are a one of a kind group. Their music is an eclectic combination of genres that range from portuguese Fado to Blues and Rock n'Roll, from Latin to african music. With just two members, their sound is minimalistic, but very smooth and engaging - the kind of sound you expect to hear on a Quentin Tarantino movie. They are multi-instrumentalists, and in the past have included in their songs instruments such as the cello, piano and horns. However, with a few exceptions, for this album they've sticked mainly to their guitars.” @ bubblews  

A1           Waiting For Nick At Rick's Café         3:27
A2           Povo Que Cais Descalço    3:23
A3           Arraia    3:26
A4           Miúdas E Motas   3:35
A5           Waits     3:30
A6           Zoe Llorando       3:49
B1           B.Leza    3:23
B2           Dona Emília          3:52
B3           A Bunch Of Meninos          3:17
B4           Dos Rios                2:48
B5           Welcome Simone               3:03
B6           Mr. Snowden's Dream       2:28
B7           Hawai Em Chelas 2:55

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