Monday, July 29, 2013

Ghost Box Orchestra (2013) -Vanished

Artist: Ghost Box Orchestra
Albums: Vanished
Release date:  2013
Quality:  mp3 CBR 320  
Size:  134 MB

“… Vanished is ostensibly a psych record, as much as TOLO is, but both have a more artful approach that makes them as progressive in that field as it does hard-hitting and elevating. Some of Vanished veers into more outright space rock–the hyperdrive screw of Into the Light a shining example–while keeping a backbone of rhythm that runs right through the heart of Vanished. A tribal, marching thump encouraged by mostly wordless vocals/chants infuses Vanished with a mystical, sweeping vibe that borders on exotic and gives the album an epic feel. It’s a big record … packed and solid, but GBO have enough twisty dynamics and detours that come in and out–some forcefully, others that shimmer and snake in–that there’s plenty of room to breathe.” READ FULL REVIEW by mr. atavist

                1.            Vader  07:10                      
                2.            Rhythm of the Hills  06:07                            
                3.            Vanished  04:20                               
                4.            From Darkness  03:35                    
                5.            Into the Light  05:05                       
                6.            Spring Beat  04:18                           
                7.            Lodge II  06:33                  
                8.            Desert Lights  07:08        

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