Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Growlers (2013) -Hung At Heart

Artist:  The Growlers
Albums: Hung At Heart
Release date:  2013
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size:  115 MB

”The phrase “burned out” has such bad connotations. When you consider the surfy, crunchy, entirely burned out party rock in the vein of The Growlers, that might just be something to aspire to. The So-Cal five-piece sound so comfortable being the stoned philosopher on Hung at Heart, hopping from party to party, delivering gems of lyrical wisdom in the midst of the thoroughly kicked out jams.
…Though much of the musical fun inherent in Hung at Heart comes easily, a few well-placed flourishes push out of complacency. The simplicity of loping bass and keyboard flutters on “One Million Lovers” battles with growing echo and outbursts of percussive ephemera. Falsetto backing vocals on “Pet Shop Eyes” complete the ’60s pop vibe, and the organ-heavy “It’s No Use” drifts occasionally into psychedelic red.
In every scenario, Nielsen delivers words of wisdom to the assembled onlookers without seeming to notice they’re looking. Whether they’re taking you to a rager at a beach house with the dance floor packed with revelers looking to hook up, or a crumbling studio apartment where a few scattered dudes settle in corners, The Growlers know how to deliver it precisely and then kick the scruff up a notch.”
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1. Someday       
2. Naked Kids    
3. Salt On A Slug               
4. One Million Lovers     
5. No Need For Eyes      
6. Living In A Memory   
7. Pet Shop Eyes              
8. In Between   
9. Burden Of The Captain            
10. Row               
11. It's No Use  
12. Use Me For Your Eggs            
13. Derka Blues                
14. Beach Rats  
15. The Fruit Is For Everyone

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