Monday, March 25, 2013

The Black Angels (2013) -Indigo Meadow

Album: Indigo Meadow
Released:  2013
Quality: mp3 CBR 256
Size:  77 MB

”Now operating as a quartet, ‘Native American drone-roll’ pioneers from Austin, Texas, The Black Angels return with their fourth studio album Indigo Meadow, due for release Tuesday 2 April. The band who took their name from Velvet Underground’s hit ‘The Black Angel’s Death Song’, have been working on the album since January last year, and have triumphantly emerged with 13 psychedelically fuelled tracks…
…Being that the psychedelic era is well and truly over, one would think it would be difficult for a band of the 21st century to capture the spirit of the style, however, The Black Angels continue to quash such doubts; sharing their knowledge and respect for the genre with audiences of our time. Indigo Meadow is an engrossing piece of work from start to finish.”
  ~  read full review by Jazmine O’Sullivan

1. Indigo Meadow
 2. Evil Things
 3. Don t Play With Guns
 4. Holland
 5. The Day
 6. Love Me Forever
 7. Always Maybe
 8. War On Holiday
 9. Broken Soldier
 10. I Hear Colors (Chromaesthesia)
 11. Twisted Light
 12. You re Mine
 13. Black Isn t Black