Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winifred Atwell (2005) -Double 7

Artist: Winifred Atwell
Album: Double 7
Released: 2005
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 140 MB

Winifred Atwell was an accomplished and versatile pianist who was idolised by the British public throughout the 1950s. She had studied the piano since she had been a small child although she later became trained as a dispenser in the expectation that she would be employed in her father's pharmacist shop. By the age of 30 she became aware that other local musicians had gained further musical training abroad and, encouraged by this, in 1945 she left for the USA.

By the late 1940s she had gained a place at London's Royal Academy of Music with ambitions of becoming a concert pianist. However, in order to finance this initiative she worked during the evenings at London's clubs playing piano rags. By 1950 her popularity had spread nationally and she began recording with Decca during 1951- before the advent of any record sales 'chart'.

Her music also worked well on TV where she made regular appearances. She would normally start her act by playing a classical piece on a grand before transferring herself to what she called 'my other piano' which was an old 'honky tonk' upright. It was on this that she recorded many of her most successful numbers including her two #1's and the now legendary 'Black And White Rag' which has been used as the signature tune of BBC's 'Pot Black' snooker programme for several decades.

1 Twelfth Street Rag 2:38
2 Johnson Rag 2:23
3 Steamboat Rag 2:09
4 Temptation Rag 2:06
5 Russian Rag 2:05
6 Maple Leaf Rag 1:55
7 Dynamic Rag 2:15
8 Bumble Boogie 2:07
9 Hamp's Boogie Woogie 2:31
10 Yancey Special 2:39
11 Dob's Boogie 2:02
12 Boogie in the Groove 1:54
13 Vine Street Boogie 1:53
14 Jimmy Dorsey's Boogie 1:57
15 Winnie's Waltzing Rag 1:59
16 Big Ben Boogie 2:13
17 Piano Tuner's Boogie 2:35
18 Seventeenth Century Boogie 2:08
19 Spaceship Boogie 2:50
20 Raunchy 2:05
21 Syncopated Sadie 2:09
22 Black and White Rag 2:36
23 Cross Hands Boogie 2:16
24 Jubilee Ring 2:34
25 Dixie Boogie 2:01
26 Britannia Rag 2:12
27 Coronation Rag 2:21
28 Swanee River 2:38
29 Dinah Boogie 1:57
30 St Louis Blues 2:54