Monday, January 23, 2012

Salome No Kutibiru (2010) -Koi To Ai Torenai Ni Tsuite

Artist: Salome No Kutibiru
Album: Koi To Ai Torenai Ni Tsuite
Released: 2010
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 112 MB

”…As we inch towards the 50th anniversary (yep, that's one half century) of the Beatles' appearing on Ed Sullivan, the moment when (musically, anyway) the 60s well and truly kicked into high gear, there's still a profound fascination with hippies, psychedelic music, pop art, etc. that far surpasses nostalgia for any other time period. I suppose you could blame the demographic bulge of the Baby Boomers, and their neverending appetite for reissues, reassessments, and general nostalgia for a time when people might actually have wanted to see them run naked through a field. Still doesn't explain the fixation the Japanese underground has on the period, though: Group Sounds (i.e. GS) has what amounts to a minor religion going in the clubs and record stores of Tokyoland.

GS wasn't just a Merseybeat rip, though. It quickly flowered into a strong scene that took clear inspiration from the West, but wasted no time in creating its own distinct personality in terms of scene culture (even if seemingly every record from the time period had a Beatles cover.) Enter Salome No Kuchibiru (i.e. Salome's Lips,) a 60s "copy band" if there ever was one. Led by multi instrumentalist Satoshi Mizuno and the unsettlingly flawless vocalist Kyoko Tachibana (seriously, the picture on the band's site doesn't convey…live, she looks like an animated doll,) they're simultaneously pure pastiche and weirdly original, much like GS itself. They even have go go dancers.”

1 Kuroi Taiyo 2:45
2 Sarubia o Watashi ni 3:53
3 Ano Nitsu no Hitokoto 3:49
4 Ame no Hidamari 5:09
5 Koneko no Yoni 4:27
6 Koi no Yamai 3:22
7 Akai Hana 3:09
8 Yoi Sora 3:45
9 Koi no Akashingo 3:06
10 Sora no Mukou ni Anata 5:24
11 Ainosasayaki 2:41
12 Kie Yukuto Moshibi 5:55




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