Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Carlos and The Bandidos (1999) -For A Few Dollars Less

Artist: Carlos and The Bandidos
Album: For A Few Dollars Less
Released: 1999
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 163 MB

”Carlos & the Bandidos were formed by Carlos Mejuto (singer) and Malcolm Chapman (lead guitar) in November 1995 and were joined by Neil Scott (bass), Roger Van Niekirk (drums) & Ricky Cooper (rhythm guitar). They've played all over the UK, most of Europe and have done three tours of the west coast of the US; alternating between weekenders like the Rock-A-Billy Rave, Viva Las Vegas to tiny small pub gigs on the outskirts of some forgotten northern hamlet. Often described as a Mexican Rock-a-billy band, their influences mainly stem from Carlos's spanish heritage and Malcolm's love of a minor chord or three, with influences that cross a very wide musical spectrum, and complimented by their self penned songs about broken relationships, death, drug addiction and the odd western-flavoured murder song and Carlos's some-what colourful stage gear. Odd really, cos it ain't like they're a miserable bunch of gits pining over loves lost in some pokey pub in London with a warm beer in their hands. Well, not often anyways. They've been on TV, had music featured in a film, fallen in dutch canals, been stranded up a mountain in the snows wearing hawaiian shirts and generally had a wonderful time, speading joy, a little wisdom and tequilas where ever they go. They've cut 3 CD's, an LP, a few singles and appear on a slew of compsitions.”Rockabilly Bash

01. Big Daddy & Skinny Jim
02. One More Time
03. What Have I Got Of My Own?
04. Avenging Angel
05. Gotta Get Some Money
06. Fever
07. Summertime
08. Pleasure's All Mine
09. Unchain My Heart
10. When My Baby
11. Adelita
12. Don't Go Too Far
13. Bugger Burns
14. You're A Cheater
15. Thinkin' About You
16. Kiss You Goodnight
17. Gallows
18. Devilene
19. I'm So Lonely
20. Atom Bomb Baby
21. Stone Killer
22. Had a Dream Last Night
23. Tacos & Tequila
24. Train Southbound


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