Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Various Artists (2007) -It Came From The Garage: Nuggets From Southern California

Artist: various
Album: It Came From The Garage! Nuggets From Southern California
Released: 2007
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 149 MB

Jack and Bill Wenzel were brothers who owned a music shop in Downey, CA, and between selling gear to up-and-coming bands and records to teenagers digging the latest sounds, they were in a position to know what the kids wanted to hear, and in 1962 they founded the Downey Records label to put promising acts on wax. It Came from the Garage! Nuggets from Southern California is Big Beat's third collection of goodies from the Downey archives, featuring 24 tunes from West Coast rock bands, and while the title might lead some to expect a nonstop blast of paisley and fuzz, this set is more diverse than that. The horn-fueled blast of the Barracudas suggests the influence of R&B-leaning instrumental rockers, Pat & the Californians were a surf act that took a left turn into the same place where the Surfaris ended up on "Be Billy," Johnny MacRae's "Penicillin" could have come from pen of Nervous Norvus' VD-infected brother, and "The Frog" from Sir Frog & the Toads is one of the more memorable dance crazes to fail to grab the fancy of America's youth. But if you're looking for guitar-fueled pre-psych eccentricity, there's plenty of that here from the likes of the Sunday Group ("Edge of Nowhere"), The Last Word ("Sleepy Hollow"), Craig & Michael ("Drifty") ESP Limited ("Tell Me"), and the New Breed ("The Words Ring Back"), while "These Ironic Days" finds the Barracudas making a game stab at folk-rock and Bud & Kathy's "Hang It Out to Dry" is a rare example of sexually integrated high-voltage garage punk. It Came from the Garage! boasts some solid lesser-known sides from genuine teenage rockers, and if a few garage purists may quibble at the results, it's 57 minutes of solid listening for fans of second-era rock.~ Mark Deming,

1 Sunday Group, The – Edge Of Nowhere 1:52
2 Bud & Kathy – Hang It Out To Dry 2:23
3 Pat & The Californians – Be Billy 2:02
4 Bel Cantos, The – Feel Aw Right Part 1 2:17
5 Rumblers, The – Hey Did-A-Da-Da 2:15
6 Last Word, The (4) – Sleepy Hollow 2:50
7 Sir Frog & The Toads – The Frog 2:19
8 Johny MacRae – Penicillin 2:35
9 Rumblers, The – Clap Hands 2:20
10 New Breed, The (7) – I Got Nothin' To Say To You 2:26
11 Barracudas, The* – What I Want You To Say 2:19
12 Last Word, The (4) – Don't Call Me, I'll Call You 2:23
13 New Breed, The (7) – The Words Ring Back 2:18
14 Barracudas, The* – The Reason Why 1:55
15 ESP Limited – Tell Me 2:57
16 New Breed, The (7) – I'll Still Be Waiting There 2:14
17 Barracudas, The* – I Can't Believe You're Really Mine 2:27
18 Sunday Group, The – Pink Grapes 2:09
19 Last Word, The (4) – Jump Point And Shout 2:13
20 Pat & The Californians – Bad 2:29
21 Bel Cantos, The with Barry White (2) – A Fool In Love 2:32
22 Barracudas, The* – These Ironic Days 2:23
23 Kicks (4) – Oh My Baby (Always Be True) 2:09
24 Craig & Michael – Drifty 3:02