Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Sadies (2006) -Tales of the Rat Fink OST

Artist: The Sadies
Albums: Tales of the Rat Fink
Release date: 2006
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Size: 187 MB

Famous for representing American Hotrod counter-culture with his intricate yet bizarre creations, Ed Roth and his monsters have been followed by fans ever since and Ron Mann, director of Comic Book Confidential and Grass has now given the man a film with Tales of the Ratfink, burrowing the name of his most famous creation. A largely animated affair voiced by John Goodman, Brian Wilson and others, the film is scored by American surf/western-rock band The Sadies.

Sounding exactly like it should, Tales of the Ratfink OST is a great deal of guitar and little else; largely instrumental with the exception of The Corktown featuring the man himself Ed Roth, the score works in the best possible way and could easily provide backing to all manner of social events from BBQ.
~ Ross Breadmore

1 The 3-B
2 The Horseshoe
3 The Borderline
4 The Hideout
5 The Starlight
6 The Times Change
7 The North Star
8 The Matador
9 The Crocodile
10 The Westminster
11 The Hi-Jinx
12 The Pyramid
13 The Ship & Anchor
14 The Red Room
15 The Mohawk
16 The Continental
17 The Solar Culture
18 The Corktown
19 The Beach Land
20 The Bug Jar
21 The Bottom Of The Hill
22 The Milky Way
23 The 400
24 The Sidetrack
25 The Black Sheep
26 The Double Wide

Bass – Sean Dean
Drums – Mike Belitsky
Guitar – Travis Good
Guitars, Keyboards – Dallas Good


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