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R.L. Burnside (1997) -Mr.Wizard

Artist: R. L. Burnside
Albums: Mr. Wizard
Released: 1997
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 94 MB

After Burnside's breakthrough recording TOO BAD JIM, he collaborated with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in 1996 for A ASS POCKET OF WHISKEY, which merged Spencer's post-modern punk-blues with Burnside's gritty traditionalism. On the following year's MR. WIZARD, Spencer and company are present on only two tracks, but Burnside's Mississippi homeboys prove that they can rock just as ferociously on the other seven. As on ASS POCKET, MR. WIZARD's electrifying Chicago/Delta combo platter is amplified into an unerring sonic death ray capable of obliterating anything that crosses it's path, by virtue of its piledriving riffs and jackhammer rhythms.

Burnside opens the album unaccompanied, with a powerful spiritual tune, "Over the Hill." When the band kicks in, the guitars of Burnside and his disciple Kenny Brown interlock for an unrelenting assault that utilizes repeating patterns, cutting, distorted tones, and savage, maniacal slide work. Drummer Cedric Burnside (R.L.'s grandson) lives up to the task of matching all this electric blues fury with his simple, driving approach. MR. WIZARD is probably the best example of the controlled chaos that is an R.L. Burnside concert.

Over the Hill 4:20
2 Alice Mae 3:31
3 Georgia Women 3:48
4 Snake Drive 6:55
5 Rollin' and Tumblin' 4:40
6 Out on the Road 3:59
7 Highway 7 6:04
8 Tribute to Fred 3:35
9 You Gotta Move 2:54

Artwork By – Derek Hess
Compiled By [Assembled By] – Matthew Johnson (4)
Drums – Cedric Burnside (tracks: 3 to 6, 8), Russell Simins (tracks: 2, 7)
Guitar – Judah Bauer (tracks: 2, 7), Kenny Brown (2) (tracks: 2 to 8)
Guitar, Theremin – Jon Spencer (tracks: 2, 7)
Guitar, Vocals – R.L. Burnside
Recorded By – Bruce Watson (2) (tracks: 1 to 4, 7, 9), Rob Schnapf (tracks: 5), Robbie Norris (tracks: 6, 8), Tom Rothrock (tracks: 5)

Tracks 1 & 9 recorded at Burnside Palace, September 1995.
Tracks 2-4 & 7 recorded at Lunati Farms, February 1996.
Track 5 recorded at Doug Messenger's, North Hollywood, California, November 1996.
Track 6 recorded at Junior Kimbrough's Juke Joint, Chulahoma, Mississippi, September 1994.
Track 8 recorded at Jimmy's Auto Care, Oxford, Mississippi, February 1995.

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