Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Various Artists (2002) -Teen Dance Music From China And Malaysia

Artist: various
Album: Teen Dance Music From China And Malaysia
Release Date: 2002
Quality: mp3 CBR 192
Size: 63 MB

liner notes -
Ran into a small batch of Southeast Asian records at a thrift store this past winter. All dumb luck and good timing, the owner had dropped them off in brown paper bags an hour before I got there. It was hard for me not to get my hopes up þipping through them - the jackets seemed to indicate that I was really scoring. No dates, but they all looked late 60's/early 70's with psychedelia- meets-the-dance-floor cover art and "A-Go-Go" suffixes left and right...

I spent the next week plus locked up in my tiny music closet pouring over them and made this CD with the stuff I liked. A lot of ground's covered here from Spy Music to Spaghetti Western, Polynesiana to Cha-Cha-Cha, Pop Rock to Old Standards, and some hard to categorize Ethereal Teen Space Music. It's all instrumental, most with (((spaced-out))) organ, guitar, bass, and drums - and all with a very special and strange sound all their own.

You'll hear some of the tracks suddenly speed up or slow down here and there, same goes with the vinyl copies and I saw no reason to change it. I did alter one of the Stylers' and one of the Silverstones' extended medleys for brevity (15 minute tracks weren't gonna flow too easily with the rest of this stuff). The Stylers' "Spy Medley" was left intact for good measure. A few of the song titles were indecipherable to my non-bilingual self and are noted as such.

This random lot of LPs must be just the tippity-top of the iceberg for Southeast Asian teen pop. Many were labeled "Vol. 8", "Vol. 12", etc., and those were just examples of one particular style by one artist! Somebody REALLY needs to get on over to Singapore and dig up some more of this stuff - gotta be tons more out there. In the meantime, take a ride down an apricot blossom stream and enjoy yourself.

Tracks & credits:
1. The Love of Apricot Blossom Stream: INDECIPHERABLE
2. Man Chau Po Orchestra: FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE
3. Tacit Blessing: INDECIPHERABLE
4. The Sound of Silverstones: TABU
6. The Brothers Hawk: FUNNY FUNNY (A GO GO)
10. The Stylers: CHELLA-LA (from the medley "Mixed Varieties & Group Dancing")
11. Man Chau Po Orchestra: TITOLI
12. The Stylers: THEMES FROM JAMES BOND: Doctor No (a Go Go), From Russia With Love (a Go Go/rhumba), You'll Only Live Twice (soul), Thunderball (fast A Go Go)
13. Man Chau Po Orchestra: I'M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE
14. Man Chau Po Orchestra: COME BACK SORRENTO
15. The Sound of Silverstones: THE BREEZE AND I
16. The Brothers Hawk: NOTHING IN MY LIFE
17. Man Chau Po Orchestra: THE A-GO-GO FROM RIVER KWAI
18. The Stylers: ENJOY YOURSELF (from the medley "Mixed Varieties & Group Dancing")


  1. Too bad for the rest of us who love this stuff, The links are dead/deleted.