Monday, January 17, 2011

Various Artists (2010) -Java-Java - Indonesia Screaming Fuzz

Artist: various
Albums: Java-Java - Indonesia Screaming Fuzz
Released: 2010
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 98 MB

After the real savage compilations of Cazumbi and Zulu Stomp, Nosmoke Records attacks again. Now looking back to the Indonesian legacy of garage and rock'n'roll. Those bands wrote some history by themselves during the '60s and confronted the Indonesian regim12/28/2010e with music. Some of these bands migrated to Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong and helped out creating a new musical movement called Indo-Rock. Bands like The Peels, Swallows, Tielmann Brothers or Rolling Beats have been part of that movement. Lots of fuzz and rock'n'roll, making their own revolution trough the fuzz pedal. Among these, other bands confronted the regime inside Indonesia, like Dara Puspita or Koes, among others. Don't look for protest ballads or even traditional songs here, there's only room for garage, raw beat and Indo-rock at its best.

Dara Puspita – Bertamasja (Indonesia)
Koes Bersaudara – Poor Clown (Indonesia)
The Swallows – La Ngomber (Singapore)
Rolling Beats – Sweeter Than You (Netherlands)
Pattie Bersaudara – What Am I Supposed To Do (Indonesia)
The Peels – Tinggalkan Ku Sa Orang (Singapore)
Los Indonesios – Can’t You Hear (Spain)
Panber’s – Together We Dance (Indonesia)
Females – Talik Kum Bang Djati (Indonesia)
Steps – Kitjir Kitjir (Singapore)
Koes Plus – Kelelawar (Indonesia)
Tielman Brothers – Marabunta (Netherlands)
Dara Puspita – Believe Me (Indonesia)
Rolling Beats – Don’t Ask Me Why (Netherlands)
The Swallows – Angkok Angkok Bilis (Singapore)
Black Magic – Surfin’ Gipsy 63 (Netherlands)
The Peels – Marilah Ke Mari (Singapore)
S.Mona Rita andThe Kingstons – Be Kalan Satria (Indonesia)
Benjamin S – Digebukin (Indonesia)


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