Wednesday, January 12, 2011

João Paulo, Peter Epstein, Ricardo Dias (2001) -Nascer

Artist: João Paulo, Peter Epstein, Ricardo Dias
Albums: Nascer
Released: 2001
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 134 MB

Nascer is a collection of free and personal performances of folk melodies, taken from both the Portuguese and Sefardic traditions.
The absolute origin of the music, as far as places and authors are concerned, will have to remain in question.
References to Portuguese and Sefardic roots only name, "thank" and pay tribute to the people who have been preserving the melodies' memories through time.
All melodies are born in certain places, within certain borders, but like human beings, melodies are also very apt to cross borders and travel though countries and centuries, in a non-ending voyage.
With this in mind, one can perhaps grasp the poetical aimings of the title, Nascer (the Portuguese "to be born") as a sign pointing to both music and life:
An active passion and a personal variation of silence.
~ Berlin, April 14, 2001 João Paulo Esteves da Silva

1 Bilrou
2 Sar Hamemune
3 Deolinda
4 Olha O Velho
5 Zelzah
6 Durme
7 Ja
8 Aldininha
9 Tirioni
10 Eira Ainda Pequenina


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