Tuesday, January 28, 2014

JD Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers (2013) -Wild Moon

Artist: JD Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers
Albums: Wild Moon
Release date: 2013
Quality: mp3
CBR 320
Size: 88 MB  

“The Dirt Daubers were formed by Legendary Shack Shakers front man, artist, director and country punk pioneer J.D. Wilkes in 2009 with his wife Jessica. Wilkes’ “gothic preacher” persona and frantic blues harmonica whips ‘Wild Moon’ into a frenzy, trading lead vocal duties with his feminine foil. J.D. and Jessica are joined by electric guitarist Rod Hamdallah and drummer Preston Corn. Smoky baritone sax grooves are provided by Tom Waits’ sideman Ralph Carney, with piano played by Wilkes himself – delving deeper into the bluesy recesses of American music. Jessica emotes pained lyrics about life, love and loss on tunes like “No More My Love” and “Apples and Oranges,” while J.D. continues his southern storytelling style on “Angel Crown” and the title track. Says J.D., “The band might have come “down from the mountain” (only to land square in the Mississippi Delta!) but the heart and soul of the Dirt Daubers remain intact.” © the Dirty Daubers 



 01. French Harp Hustle 01:22
02. Apples And Oranges 04:01
03. Wild Moon 02:39
04. Drive 02:35
05. No Rest For The Wicked 03:24
06. No More My Love 03:37
07. Angel Crown 02:37
08. Let It Fly 02:01
09. You Know I Love You 02:47
10. Hidey Hole 02:51
11. Don’t Thrill Me No More 03:08
12. River Song 03:08
13. God Fearing People 02:39  

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