Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fuzz Manta (2013) -The Stonewolf

Artist:  Fuzz Manta
Albums: The Stonewolf
Released:  2013
Quality: mp3 CBR 320
Size: 145 MB

”It is an understatement that the new album from Danish band Fuzz Manta is captivating! After several listenings after “The Stonewolf” I can only congratulate the quartet have matured and knew refine his compositions that combine sounds big heavy rock, psychedelic atmo-spheres and especially beautiful vintage flights truly original. I think the group has reached a new milestone with this fourth LP since their last album “Vortex Memplex” including the production of its centerpiece: the title – “The Stonewolf”, a piece of more than 34 minutes agglomerates several subsets to prog / retro rock / heavy psych and kraut in a cheerful tone swarming maelstrom of creativity and groove. There is also all boosted energy on tracks like “My Baby in Vain” or “Mind Reader” on which the riffs and the voice of Freddy Lene still do wonders. Highly recommended!”  -  (c)

 01. The Stonewolf
 02. Sooner or Later
 03. My Baby in Vain
 04. Mind Reader
 05. When I Sleep

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